Custom Displays & Promotions Graphics

At Hollywood Signs & Graphics, we’ve been designing, building, and installing custom displays and promotional graphics for businesses throughout Multnomah County for over 25 years. We know what a display needs to make a significant and positive impression. Allow our team to provide you with custom display graphics that will captivate customers and open the door to more potential business opportunities.

Window, Wall, Floor to Ceiling Graphics

Our company offers custom graphic services for all your graphic needs. With a wide variety of affordable, high-quality products and decades’ worth of expertise, you can be confident that our team will make your business display a complete success. From store front graphics, wall murals or just a set of hours on your front door. Maximizing your visual impact is why you choose Hollywood Signs.

Hollywood Signs & Graphics specializes in marketing and promotional graphics for businesses from all industries throughout Gresham and Multnomah County. Your display will be completely customized to your company’s needs, brand, and marketing goals.

When you head to a trade show or other event, catching the eye of passersby is essential. With an attractive booth, hanging display, and other attention-grabbing graphics, your likelihood of drawing in prospective customers becomes more attainable.

In our many years in business, we’ve formed strong relationships with vendors and suppliers. This ensures that we get the best quality materials for your graphics and don’t suffer product delays.

Some of the display and promotion graphics products and services we offer include:

Trust your display and graphic needs to a company that has been serving Multnomah County for over 25 years and has gained a solid reputation for excellence with countless business owners. Get in touch with Hollywood Signs & Graphics for custom displays and promotional graphics today!